Panic Attack

by RiotChain

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RiotChain is a Metal band based in Sydney, Australia. Their debut album "Panic Attack" was released 8th Dec, 2019. For more, visit or @riotchain on Instagram and Facebook.


released December 8, 2019

All music, lyrics, images and graphic design copyright © 2019 RiotChain (Witek Klimczak, Dawid Siembab & Arman S. Haghi) except for the lyrics of “Degustations Whore” and “Truth It Comes” which are © 2019 C.R. Haddad. Booklet cover / CD art drawing of “Panic Dude” © 2019 Witek Klimczak. All rights reserved. Recorded by Jason Whalley at The Pet Food Factory, Sydney. Mixed by Clem Bennett at Black Mountain Studio, Canberra. Mastering by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studio Portland, Oregon. CD production and booklet printing by Implant Media, Brunswick.


all rights reserved



RiotChain Sydney, Australia

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Track Name: The Spartan
The Spartan

Do you still hate me? Do you even care?
Would you notice, if I'm not there?
Well guess what?

I don't need these eyes anymore:
anyone can see it's the end.
Made a friend of the darkness that takes me over.

Get stoned, get high, get the fuck away.
All day, all night: it’s a shallow grave.
Don't let me drift and fade: take me under.

Do you still hate me? Did you ever care?
Did you notice I took my life there?
Well guess what?

Too much time to ponder fate;
as hate filled me, life slipped by:
slip me knot some time to think it over.

Took a chance with myself, made a bet with myself,
won the case, case is closed, my own judge, and no guilt,
took a chance, and I won:
nobody saw that I had a gun there.

(In Loving Memory of Chris Bell)
Track Name: Angel

Burn the ashes of my wings, you ask me to fly?
Give me life eternity, you send me to die?

Bury your head in the sands, the sands of time.
Dive into your head disease, and say I'm fine ...

Don’t you ask me to fly, Angel.
Don’t send me to die, Angel.

Take my wings, you take the sun: with all my hate.
Everyone just takes their time: the price of faith.

Armies marching, a bleeding child: at your command.
The dead reach out, atonement rides: fate is in your hand ...
Track Name: A Place To Run To
A Place To Run To

Take from me the earth: the ground I stand on, the clay I’m made of.
Take from me my life: the life I live for, I gave it all there for ...

A Place To Run To

Fly into an abyss with your black-hole heart,
A place to run to with your black-hole heart.
Fly into an abyss with your demon eyes,
A place to run to with your demon eyes ...

It’s in your head, I’m not the only one;
it’s in your head and now it’s mine ...

Take from me my eyes: the eyes I see with, I’ve seen it all therewith ...
Take from me my heart: the heart I love with, I loved you all therewith ...


Take from me my mind: the memories I bleed with, I bled it all therewith ...
Take from me my mind: the eyes I see with, I’ve seen you all therewith ...
Track Name: Basement

I loved you so much,
I tied you in my basement:
try to run,
I’ll find a replacement ...

Run, run, fucken run!

Your lights are on,
but no bodies home:
you can run,
forever you will roam ...

Run, run, fucken run!

You bury your flag,
so you can kill:
you build a wall,
and you build it tall,
so you can kill ...

Run, run, fucken run!
Track Name: Degustations Whore
Degustations Whore

I can not bear the trauma
I can not bear the war
I can not bear the living
But I fear the challenge more

I can not take possession
Of what I know I own
It seeps between my fingers
And drifts to the unknown

Satan prances on the bench top
Withdrawing to suppress
An urge to pop the wretched nectar
And numb this self destructive mess

Beads are grazing down my forehead
They burn me at the neck
They feed the tremor at the centre
And end in a ripple wreck

My insides are yanked
Ripped from my throat
Twisted in my gut
and used to make me choke

She wails now in agony
She is cut up to the core
She calls out for her mother
Unaware of what’s in store

She shovels in the mouthfuls
Filling to the brim
Searching for the comfort
That will fill the endless rim

I beg of you surrender
Relinquish all your fight
Don’t let the abject habit
Dominate and bite

Take it the fuck away
I don’t want anymore
Why let yourself be raped
By degustations whore

Lyrics by C. R. Haddad
Track Name: Oxygen

A flood you bled, my walls caved to misery.
The depths of pain: lakes buried inside of me.
I drowned with you: torn from reality.
The reality is: you mean fuck-all to me ...

I’m so happy you’re dead.
You’re dead to me, dead to me.
Tore a hole and in you’d pour:
oceans of pain for me.
Track Name: Riot

You say:
“Come to me, I’ll set you free,
free to burn your destiny;
Destination set to ecstasy;
free your mind and come to me ...”

I say riot.

You say:
“I don’t know, I don’t care,
a broken soul is nothing rare;
blood stained halls, blood stained walls,
hide the truth of what’s out there:
it’s a riot.”

I say riot.
Track Name: Truth It Comes
Truth It Comes ...

Desperate chills of gnawing flesh
Sights, sounds, smells of encroaching threat
Fear chiseled into stone mesh
Confrontation in the eyes of death

Elucidate under fallen lashes
Below the mattress hides worthless stashes
Crawling like unexpected rashes
Down to one last gasping breath

Beneath flood lights lie the stalls
Arranged against echoed walls
Frozen blank with metaphors
Transient vessels crying Macbeth

Black, brown, white, yellow you say
It’s all the same now anyway
Whom will pray, stay or pay
Truth it comes...

Lyrics by C.R. Haddad

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